Preparation for Server Upgrade December 1st


As you know our server has been running a bit slow lately. I have initiated a ticket for building a new server with 64-bit OS for migration of all our websites, and upgrades to certain software and processes. All of this will take time, testing and most likely downtime – including the backups, conversion and upgrade of all the MySQL databases and blogs and other sites on our Dedicated server.

Our servers may be down for an extended period of time.

Please watch (@PetLvr) twitter account for details, timelines and updates.

aka HART

The HART Screencast 003 – How to Optimize Your Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense recently emailed me to let me know that almost 50% of my archives on my PetLvr Blog for Pet Lovers was NOT optimized for adsense. Here is a screencast to show you what they mean and how they recommend to me to change that.

The HART Screencast 002 – What I Do When I’m Stressed

John over at BloggerLUV asks …

What do you do when you are stressed?

I say … Stressful Blogging 101! You need some mindless entertainment that doesn’t take too much time to play. However … a warning! Although it looks like “just 60 seconds” .. sometimes you can be STRESS FREE for hours~ 😀

The HART Screencast 001 – How To Create Random Ads On Your Blog

Someone asked me how I rotate ads on my blogs …. and after someone pointed to me to the free service I decided to create a screencast and show you exactly how I do it!

For your viewing pleasure, hit that circular doo-dah on the bottom task bar of this video player, just to the left of the SCREENR brand name, and view this in full screen size. This way you can read and follow what I am doing in the video!

In Summary

1) Get the Datafeedr Random Ads v2 plugin or in your dashboard …

2) Create Ad Groups

3) Ad boxes of ads or script codes in the Ad Group (in the Tools section)

4) Copy the Ad Group Template Code and insert it in your template where ever you want

5) Feel free to modify the script codes or add more script codes in the Ad Group without having to modify your template ever again!

6) Go to and create your own 5minute tutorial screencast videos and even tweet them on your twitter account for free!!


7) Pretend I said “The HART Screencast 001” at the very ending instead of “The HART Podcast 001” lol oooops

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