Greetings and Salutation

Welcome to the new home of the HART-Empire Network

F.Y.I. – “NETWORK” Series of Sites


Welcome to the “HART-Empire Network”

I have been using this domain as the general reference for all HART-Empire Network stuff ever since I upgraded to a dedicated server in June 2007. There will be more PAGES in this blog, than Blog Entries. For instance .. this site will become the new SITEMAP for all the sites within and part of the HART-Empire Network .. and include supplemental pages and links needed that will be linked on our standardized template for most sites .. including our advertising page and our bio pages.


aka HART-Empire .. “the HART Empire” blog

This is where I will continue to talk about everything and anything that is related to blogging and my so-called blogging empire I call ..HART-Empire Network. Besides what my thoughts are and the things that I do in running a network of sites .. eventually I will be going back to promoting the sites within the network itself in the “EMPIRE” blog.

PS .. This site will permanently remain .. Under Construction


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