HART-Empire Network – Gets A New Facelift

Today starts a new era for the HART-Empire Network. Today we formally introduce our ‘Beta’ version of an original network template design by Thord Daniel Hedengren. It was an ‘Alpha’ version this morning, but I think I HART’icized well enough to start testing it out on the other sites.

The general plan will be to document, recap and reflect the HART-Empire Network path that brought us to this new template, what I think about the design, what the designer thinks about the design, what our writers think of the design .. and most importantly, what our readers think of this design. More will come to mind later in the next couple of weeks of the choices made and blah blah blah some marketing gumble and promotion 🙂 and probably on the HART-Empire.com blog instead.

In the meantime .. What do you think of the design? The colors? the fonts? the ads? Suggestions and opinions are all welcome.

In the meantime … Season’s greetings and a Happy Holiday Season!

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