It’s a SLOW Network Day Today

Yep .. Literally! Our apologies to all our readers and friends … but, our server has been on hiccup status all day! According to our host provider (about 2 hours after we started to notice long delays and seemingly downed sites) .. we received notice:

.. we are having minor latency issues on a small segment of our network at this time. Our engineers are diagnosing the problem and expect the problem to be resolved in approximately 3 hours. During this time you may notice abnormally high pings and intermittent connection drops to your server. If you have any questions or would like updates, please contact your Account Executive for more information.

We appreciate your continued patience in this matter.

At this present time .. it has been about 5 hours since this email, was told it is still being worked on and the issue is much more complex than original anticipated. Hopefully, this will be fixed today.


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