And You Will Have Kids Blog Gets A New Facelift

We recently installed the new template over at the And You Will Have Kids … as well as upgraded the wordpress to the latest version.

Please drop on by and give a critique or suggestions and your opinion! We are also introducing a new writer for the blog, so I hope you stick around and subscribe to their RSS feed!


One Reply to “And You Will Have Kids Blog Gets A New Facelift”

  1. That sure sounded like you were being critical. But, thanks for taking the time out to point that out.

    This site is strictly a summary of introductions of the blogs around my network or sites. All sites have the same network template, although differ in content, quality and quantity of such content.

    I would be interested in understanding what type of daily content you would come back and read on a regular basis, and why the templates and tag clouds discourage you? You may also subscribe to our RSS Feed and receive the full content in your favorite RSS Feed Reader and/or Email without advertisements or tag coulds. Just click on the graphic to the top left of the blog title.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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