Planned Server Downtime – January 1, 2009

We will be taking our dedicated server offline at 8:00pm CST for approximately 1-2 hours for an upgrade.

With all the blogs that I have .. I have been using a wordpress plugin to backup each and every MySQL database every day and email them to my Gmail account. Starting with 2009 I have decided to upgrade the system to include another spare hard drive to either mirror the server, or allow for performing of official daily backup routines, that will keep this network in good future health!

You can never have enough backups~

The entire procedure should take about 5 minutes to pop in the new drive, and about 55 minutes to enable (am I told) plus/minus time to engage and fasciltate automation of the new backups.

I apologize in advance for any inconveniences our downtime may cause you.

Take care

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