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Homage To Our Bloggers

Battling For Health Blogs

* Gloria D Gamat has been covering the Battling Arthritis blog since October 2007

* Loretta Parker Spivey has been covering the Battling Alzheimer blog since March 2008

* Tina Radcliffe has been covering the Battling Cancer blog since March 2008 and recently started covering the Battling Diabetes blog in June 2008

* Trisha Torrey has been covering the Battling Healthcare blog since March 2008

* Raquel Billiones has been covering the Battling Heart and Stroke blog since May 2008

PetLvr and other “LVR” Blogs

The following bloggers are now writing for PetLvr and our other pet related blogs starting June 2008

* Jelena Woehr

* Sirena Van Schaik

* Robert Akehurst

* Gemma Argent

Please drop by the individual blogs and say hello to our family of bloggers! We’d love to hear from you and read your comments on all of our blogs!

Welcome To Our New ‘Battling For Health’ Bloggers

The HART-Empire Network is pleased to announce that the two advertised positions for health bloggers, posted last month, has been filled.

* Tina Radcliffe takes over the Battling Cancer blog

* Loretta Parker Spivey takes over the Battling Alzheimer blog

Please take the time to visit our new writers .. stop in .. and say hello! I’m sure they would both love to hear from you!

Two Immediate Blogging Positions Available for our Battling For Health Blogs


The HART-Empire Network is looking for two bloggers to take over existing sites, under similar renumeration packages referred back in October 2007 on our “Writers Wanted” page.


If you already have an application on file from October 2007 and you are already on my “short list” .. you do not need to re-apply .. and you are still up for consideration on future blog hirings.

I am specifically looking for replacement writers to take over the following existing blogs:

* Battling Alzheimer
* Battling Cancer

Both current writers are stepping down for personal reasons, and the HART-Empire Network wishes them continued success, good health and prosperity!

If you think you have what it takes to take over one of these blogs, please follow the directions in the ” Blogger Application – How To Apply” section on the “Writers Wanted” page. Positions will be available starting March 1, 2008

Hope to hear from you soon.


Battling Alzheimer Has A New Writer

Meet … Michael Davidsen .. who started blogging for the “Battling Alzheimer” blog.

Please check it out .. add the RSS FEED to your favorite newsfeed reader!