Farewell to Blogger Tina Radcliffe

Goodbye Tina and Thank-You!

Today marked the last day for Tina Radcliffe on Battling Cancer (since March 2008) and Battling Diabetes (since May 2008) here for the HART-Empire Network.

I think Tina did a GREAT job covering both of these blogs and she will truly be missed. Unfortunately for the HART-Empire Network, she has resigned to tackle new adventures that await her … but, I can’t say enough how excited I am for her and her new opportunities and wish her all the best and good luck in her new adventure!

Tina .. You will remain to be a ‘contributor’ here on both the Battling Cancer blog and the Battling Diabetes blog. So, if you ever wanted to guest post articles in this blog, you are welcome to just log in and do just that!


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HART-Empire Network

Homage To Our Bloggers

Battling For Health Blogs

* Gloria D Gamat has been covering the Battling Arthritis blog since October 2007

* Loretta Parker Spivey has been covering the Battling Alzheimer blog since March 2008

* Tina Radcliffe has been covering the Battling Cancer blog since March 2008 and recently started covering the Battling Diabetes blog in June 2008

* Trisha Torrey has been covering the Battling Healthcare blog since March 2008

* Raquel Billiones has been covering the Battling Heart and Stroke blog since May 2008

PetLvr and other “LVR” Blogs

The following bloggers are now writing for PetLvr and our other pet related blogs starting June 2008

* Jelena Woehr

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Please drop by the individual blogs and say hello to our family of bloggers! We’d love to hear from you and read your comments on all of our blogs!

Battling Diabetes Now Available In 14 Languages!

I have added a “Translation” plugin to the Battling Diabetes blog today.


The translation can be found in the left sidebar. Just click on the language flag to convert. To convert back to English, click on the top left USA flag. The above image may be a bit blurry, so here are the languages that are translated:

1. English
2. German
3. French
4. Italian
5. Spanish
6. Portuguese
7. Japanese
8. Korean
9a. Chinese Simplified
9b. Chinese Traditional
10. Arabic
11. Dutch
12. Greek
13. Russian
14. Norwegian

Enter To Win The Free Diabetes Cookbook Giveaway Contest

Julie over at the Battling Diabetes blog is giving away a great Diabetes Cookbook .

So, you may be wondering how you can win this copy. It is very easy, really. If you have a blog, whether it is diabetes related or not, just post an entry about this contest then comment here. If you do not have a blog, just post about this contest either A.) In a forum you frequent and leave a link to it here (your signature counts) or B.) Post about it on one of your social accounts like Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook.

You must leave a comment with a link to your post so I can verify it and so you do not miss out! The winner will be chosen at random from all comments left on March 3rd.

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