Enter To Win The Free Diabetes Cookbook Giveaway Contest

Julie over at the Battling Diabetes blog is giving away a great Diabetes Cookbook .

So, you may be wondering how you can win this copy. It is very easy, really. If you have a blog, whether it is diabetes related or not, just post an entry about this contest then comment here. If you do not have a blog, just post about this contest either A.) In a forum you frequent and leave a link to it here (your signature counts) or B.) Post about it on one of your social accounts like Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook.

You must leave a comment with a link to your post so I can verify it and so you do not miss out! The winner will be chosen at random from all comments left on March 3rd.

Source: Battling Diabetes

Call For Prizes – Do You Want Some Extra Publicity?

January 18th will mark the second anniversary of the creation and inception of our “Battling The Monster” series of Health blogs, operating under the BattlingForHealth.com umbrella.

We have 13 active blogs

Battling Addiction – addiction.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Alzheimer – alzheimer.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Arthritis – arthritis.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Cancer – cancer.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Depression – depression.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Diabetes – diabetes.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Hearing – hearing.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Heart and Stroke – heart.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Multiple Sclerosis – ms.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Obesity – obesity.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Schizophrenia – schizophrenia.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Stress – stress.BattlingForHealth.com
Battling Vision – vision.BattlingForHealth.com

We would like to offer giveaways to our readers, and have a contest for each individual health blog and a site wide contest.

I’ve got over 50 blogs in my HART-Empire Network ( see HART-Empire-Network.com/sites )
and I plan to promote these contests and the giveaway prizes on as many as I can. In addition to the promotion, I will create a special thank-you page afterwards.

So …

I am putting out a call of interest for prize giveaways. Do you want to offer a giveway prize for our “Battling For Health” Giveaways and Contest? This can be a product, a service, a coupon, an iPod, a computer, a subscription to Starbucks, a Walmart card, a giftpack at Amazon, a year’s worth of gas, Redesign of a blog, Create a logo for someone, flowers, or ..??????? What do you have to offer?

You can offer a specific prize for a specific blog or a generic prize for any blog contest winner ..

If this interests you … please email me (HART)…

Email: hart (at) BattlingForHealth (dot) com

Prize: what product or service you can offer as a prize

Value: Real or percieved value of your prize

Sponsor: name of person and site URL sponsoring the prize (for promotion and linkage)

Deadline: I hope to announce the start of the Contest on Friday January 18th, 2008 – although, at this time I am not sure how long the contest will run or its nature.

If you have any questions .. please feel free to ask!

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