Gloria D. Gamat Interviewed

Learn a little more about Chemist and Problogger Gloria D. Gamat, who authors our Battling Arthritis blog .. with an interview by Reynz over at the BancoDeReyna Blog

Reynz: Tell us something about you.

Gamat: … I have a son and as a mother, my priorities in life changed. So when I discovered problogging, I got hooked into it. I will not trade working at home for anything else even as I perform the difficult responsibility of being a mother. I have various health blogs already; medical, diabetes, cancer on top of my Battling Arthritis blog. Early this year, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Currently, I am blogging from a not-so-remote little village, South of the Philippines. Here, I am the only one with an internet connection at home. Thanks to a 3G cellphone! …

Check out the interview!