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Win CASH With PetLvr’s Halloween Contest

Check it out ..

Win CASH with PetLvr’s 2008 Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Homage To Our Bloggers

Battling For Health Blogs

* Gloria D Gamat has been covering the Battling Arthritis blog since October 2007

* Loretta Parker Spivey has been covering the Battling Alzheimer blog since March 2008

* Tina Radcliffe has been covering the Battling Cancer blog since March 2008 and recently started covering the Battling Diabetes blog in June 2008

* Trisha Torrey has been covering the Battling Healthcare blog since March 2008

* Raquel Billiones has been covering the Battling Heart and Stroke blog since May 2008

PetLvr and other “LVR” Blogs

The following bloggers are now writing for PetLvr and our other pet related blogs starting June 2008

* Jelena Woehr

* Sirena Van Schaik

* Robert Akehurst

* Gemma Argent

Please drop by the individual blogs and say hello to our family of bloggers! We’d love to hear from you and read your comments on all of our blogs!

PetLvr Blog Is Hiring

I have placed an open call and am advertising to hire a handful of writers for the PetLvr blog.

See the details: and if you are interested, please consider applying. All applications will be viewed and with response, starting next week .. so you have time.


PetLvr Blog Gets A New Facelift

I recently installed the new template over at “ – [THe Blog]” …

Please drop and by and give a critique or suggestions and your opinion! I have selected a blurred yellow/orange combination to be the color of all sites remotely having “LVR” in it’s name or associated with its domain title … which is basically the Pet Related blogs!