* Sorsogon, Philippines


* By profession I am chemist and have worked on a research lab for ten years. In 2004, I discovered the blogosphere and have started to blog on a personal level. Two years later, I dumped the 8-5 research lab work and have been blogging professionally, full time since then.

* At the moment I have three other health blogs from a couple of other blog networks: medical, cancer and diabetes.

* As has always been my motto in science blogging, not only would I want to update my target readers with the latest in their particular condition (in this case arthritis patients) but also I would like the patients to understand their condition better in order to help them discern what is best for their life with arthritis in conjunction to what their doctors are telling them.

It would always be good if you let your doctor know that you are knowledgeable in your condition so that your doctor will talk to you as straight and honest as should be.

Gloria currently writes for the Battling Arthritisblog

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