This is an updated page of the current positions available or, under consideration for hiring as of September 1, 2008


Bloggers Wanted – FULL TIME

I am looking for dedicated bloggers willing to commit the necessary time, effort, and promotion (and research if required) and take over existing blogs. Currently, I am seeking only two positions to be filled at a time, as I can only afford to hire 1-2 writers per month. At this time, the choices available for these two bloggers will be first come first serve, picked from the following blog groups:


Available Blogs:

* Battling Addiction
* Battling Alzheimer
* Battling Arthritis
* Battling Depression
* Battling Hearing
* Battling Multiple Sclerosis
* Battling Obesity
* Battling Schizophrenia
* Battling Stress
* Battling Vision

(2) AND YOU WILL Blogs

Available Blogs:

* And You Will Garden
* And You Will Graduate
* And You Will Help
* And You Will Laugh
* And You Will Marry
* And You Will Network
* And You Will Play
* And You Will Play Poker
* And You Will Renovate
* And You Will Retire
* And You Will Succeed
* And You Will Travel

ONGOING UPDATE: All positions for the above blogs remains available

Blogger Remuneration – FULL TIME positions

* minimum $125/month flat rate for first 3 months

* minimum 20 articles per month (400+ words per article, at 1/day) plus

* minimum 2 resourceful link-type or ‘featured articles’ per month (800+ words each, once semi-monthly)

* 60/40 revenue sharing opportunity starting the fourth month .. 60% to the writer, 40% to HART-Empire Network .. and the writer keeps the first $100 earnings. This is not a bonus in addition to the flat month fee … whatever calculation that is higher for the writer will be selected.

* I will increase the minimum monthly rate by $25/month every 3 months

* Traffic Bonus >> There will be a traffic bonus provided for new unique visitors, based on my server statistics as shown by AWSTATS and a certain calculation.

* Other questions? Ask HART

Bloggers Wanted – PART TIME

I am always looking for regular “part time’ers” to contribute articles to certain blogs not taken possession by a full-time blogger similar to the conditions and remuneration referred to over here. If you are interested in this type of arrangement instead, please contact HART. Part time blogging positions available for:

* Any of the blogs listed above, not yet taken over by a full-time blogger (Health and D-I-Y Related)
* Blogs of the “LVR” series of blog (Pet Related)
* Blogs of the “@ HART Market” series of blogs (Product Related)

This may be an ideal way for the jack of all trades, master of none (or many) and give a writer variety of choice of topics and ability to post on many topical blogs around my network.

Blogger Application – How To Apply

Please contact HART via email – .. hart (at) HART-Empire-Network (dot) com ..
with subject “Blogger Application” .. and provide the following information
(if you do not use this subject, your application will be rejected – or, more accurately not filtered into my InBox)

* at least 2 samples of your work that hilites your writing ability (preferably links)
* sites you currently write for including other blog networks – do they know you are applying?
* which blog would you like to be considered for, and what direction did you wish to take the blog?
* if selected, where do you see yourself and this blog in 2010?
* If the blogger positions are filled, do you wish me to keep your name for future hirings?
* and why do you want to blog for HART and his Empire? (optional if you want :D.. flattery always helps)

Blogger Preferences

Preferences will be given to English speaking bloggers with a good handle on the english langauge, and also who demonstrates proper etiquette involved in blogging (linking, giving others credit, etc) with a slight bias for those first come first serve! HART-Empire Network is based in Canada, and will be paying in USD$ through Paypal only. If you are unable to receive payments via paypal, I’m sorry but I am not offering any other payment option at this time.

Take care
aka HART (1-800-HART)

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